Solutions on biogas that fit you 

CIBiogás offers consulting on Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies preparation, with prior diagnosis of the advantages, production potential and details on the biogas system deployment.

This analysis includes:

  • Business identification and characterizion;
  • Premisses and restrictions;
  • Market analysis;
  • Trade structure;
  • Operation and supplyers availability;
  • Need equipaments and struture for the production unity;
  • Product or service quality control;
  • Sales perspective;
  • Economic and finantial evaluation of the project or enterprise.

Pionner projects that prove biogas technical viability


CIBiogás is responsible for projects on systems of biogas production, implementation, monitoring and improvements in twelve different locations, called Demonstration Units. They are installed in the western Paraná and in Uruguay. The Demonstration Units are used to study and prove the biogas technical and economic viability applications

The pionnering projects - installed or under construction - in starch industries, in small and medium-sized farms, in cooperatives, farms and companies that turn animal waste or industrial waste into electricity, thermal energy and biofuel, as well as on biofertilizer production through the  biogas production process.




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