Rodrigo Regis de Almeida Galvão


Electrical Engineer, Specialist in Business Innovation Management and Master in Engineering Systems, from the State University of Pernambuco. He worked at NCTI (Business Technology and Innovation) as Director of Research and Development, and at EcoEnergia Brazil. He also worked in the R&D area of the Itaipu Technology Park Foundation. Assigned to CIBiogás, by FPTI, since 2013.



Rafael Hernando de Aguiar Gonzalez
Technological Development Director


Environmental Engineer, graduated in 2008, with experience in the area of geotechnology and mathematical modeling applied to water and renewable energy resources management. Rafael has experience in geoprocessing, applied to watershed management projects, development of geographic information systems, renewable energy prospection, territorial evaluation and research. Rafael acts mainly in water and renewable energy management issues.


João Firmino Neto
Administrative and Financial Director


Graduated in economics from Federal University of Uberlândia in 1997, he has more than 18 years of experience in accounting and auditing, acquired in multinational companies. In August of 2016 he assumed the management of the Internal Audit of the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation (FPTI), where he acted until assuming the Administrative Direction of CIBiogás. Listed by FPTI, from September 2017, where it acted temporarily until its execution in the General Meeting, held on November 30, 2017.


Board of Directors


Audit Board




Institution Member Alternate
IAPAR Altair Sebastião Dorigo José Pereira da Silva
Eletrobras Wagner Titara Juliasse João Vicente Amato Torres
FAEP Paulo Roberto Orso José Carlos Colombari
FPTI Genivaldo Pires Andreia Alves Pimenta
Prefeitura de Toledo João Batista C. de S. Furlan Ires Damian Scuzziato


Board of Directors

Institution Member Alternate
IAPAR Florindo Dalberto Tiago Pellini
FIEP Reinaldo Tockus Mauricy Kawano
Eletrobras Walter A. de Britto Filho Renato S. Sacramento
Itaipu Paulo Afonso Schmidt Maycon G. Vendrame
FAEP José Carlos Colombari Paulo Roberto Orso
SEAB Manoel M. Chaves Richardson de Souza
FPTI Claudio I. Osako João Biral Junior



 Av. Tancredo Neves, 6731
Edifício das Águas - Sala 11
Parque Tecnológico Itaipu
Foz do Iguaçu - Paraná - Brazil


Telephone: +55 45 3576-7166