Specific studies for the technology generation of the biogas chain

The purpose of CIBiogás is to focus on solutions that generate renewable energy, mainly through biogas, increasingly the sustainable and responsible manner.

For such, CIBiogás applies solid scientific skills and promotes knowledge in order to check better alternatives on efficient power generation.

This effort aims to go further in studies, actions and qualified information to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability, especially of agriculture.


Projects under development


This project has the objective of developing activities that pursue alternatives and technological solutions for integrated production and use of biogas, biofertilizers and organo-mineral materials resulting from animal manure and agricultural production.

In addition to allowing for new scientific contributions, the project will define efficient strategies within sustainable development with focus on low carbon agriculture.

Partners: ITAIPU Binacional, Itaipu Technology Park Foundation, International Center of Hydroinformatics (CIH), Embrapa and universities.

It is a technical and commercial arrangement to deploy, at Itapiranga in western Santa Catarina State, a central power generation, which will be fueled by biogas produced in 12 properties with swine.
The project was conceived by Eletrosul and aims to replicate, in Itapiranga, the same logic of the   project Agri-Energy Cooperative for Family Farming/Ajuricaba, implemented by CIBiogás in western Paraná.


Projects under contracting process

COPEL, Entre Rios do Oeste (PR)
Technical and commercial arrangement for electric generation from biogas in rural properties of Entre Rios do Oeste (Paraná) in the context of Distributed Generation.
CERON - Eletrobras
Development of a micro generators connection system to the electricity distribution network for enabling virtual power plants.
Platform on municipal solid residues recovery (garbage), as well as rural (starch).


Access scientific articles and contents on biogas developed by CIBiogás or in collaboration with CIBiogás researchers.


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